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Sound Bridge Welcomes:

Sound Bridge is pleased to announce the formation of the Enhancer Corporation. The Enhancer is an exciting new patented product that promises to revolutionize the "combo amp" guitar accessory market. There simply is nothing like this amazing invention. You've really got to hear it to believe it, so be sure to come by the Sound Bridge booth (4894, Hall C) at the Winter NAMM Show Jan. 17-20 in Anaheim for a live demonstration. For more info see the Enhancer Website at

News Release:

Sound Bridge Fills Executive Order
President Bush Kicks Off His Military Tour



President George W. Bush began his military tour in Savanna, GA with a series of speeches intended to unite and encourage the US military. The initial "kickoff" speech was well attended - more than 15,000 military personnel and civilians were present to cheer and applaud the new President. In spite of the large area and the huge crowds, every word of the President's speech was clearly audible, because the sound contractors used 8 Sound Bridge Model 3215 full-range cabinets for the event. The event was a great success, and Sound Bridge was honored to be there.